YouTuber crammed ‘Tenet’ onto Game Boy Advance cartridges out of spite

The perfect way to look Principle, according to director Christopher Nolan (and many others), is in a movie theater. “It’s a film whose image and sound really need to be appreciated in your theaters on the big screen,” he said. said last year in the midst of a pandemic. This inspired YouTuber Bob Wulff, who runs the WulffDen channel, to insert the blockbuster in time on Game Boy Advance Video cartridges.

Wulff freely admits that this is “probably the worst way to see Principle“He split the movie into five cartridges because it’s two and a half hours long. According to Wulff,“ 30 minutes is the maximum time you can have for a Game Boy Advance video. [cartridge] and still have it in a somewhat observable state. He even created personalized labels.

There are tradeoffs, of course. Wullf had to cut the video down to six frames per second with a resolution of 192×128 and a whopping 8KB / s bit rate. The software used by Wulff also accelerates third-party video by default. The result isn’t exactly the pristine IMAX cinematic experience that Nolan would have hoped for. Many viewers have already found it hard to hear much of the dialogue in Principle due to the questionable sound mix, can you imagine trying to watch the movie with a GBA speaker?

Most Game Boy Advance Video Cartridges had a few episodes of a show like Pokemon or Sponge Bob SquarePants, but there were a few feature films such as Shrek and Shark story. As the GBA’s 20th anniversary approaches, now seems like a perfect time to order GBA video cartridges, a device to flash them and ruin your favorite movie watching it in a ghastly format.

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