YouTube to launch strikes over disinformation over election results, including videos of Donald Trump

YouTube also responded to attack on the US Capitol increasing the end of a grace period for videos containing misinformation about election results.

The Google-owned video site joined with Facebook and Twitter to remove a video on Wednesday in which outgoing President Donald Trump mixed baseless allegations of election fraud with a slight push for protesters to return home.

In one series of tweets YouTube said on Thursday that its grace period for removing without penalty posts that violate its rules for disseminating disinformation about widespread election fraud, which was originally scheduled for inauguration day, ended immediately, this which means that all accounts, including those of Trump, are now subject to his typing system for violations.

The company added that since tighten policies on content of this type last December, thousands of videos were deleted, “including several videos posted by President Trump on his channel.”

Under YouTube’s warning system, channels that receive a warning are temporarily banned from posting or live streaming, while those that total three warnings within 90 days will be permanently deleted.

The company tweeted, “We apply our policies and sanctions consistently, regardless of who posted it.”

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