YouTube becomes latest platform to temporarily ban Trump

After years of letting Donald Trump be Donald Trump, tech companies – most recently YouTube – have taken a stand and suspended his accounts, albeit during the president’s last week in office.

Google-owned YouTube became the latest platform to suspend Trump until he steps down on January 20. It’s the latest domino to fall since the president unleashed a deadly insurgency on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, in which a policeman was murdered and bombs were deactivated nearby.

“After careful consideration and in light of concerns about the current potential for violence, we have removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel and launched a strike for violating our incitement to violence policies,” he said. a YouTube spokesperson said in an email. “As a result, according to our long-standing warning system, the channel can no longer upload new videos or new live streams for at least seven days, which can be extended.”

YouTube was the last major obstacle to the president’s suspension. Twitter permanently banned the president last Friday, and Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitch all put it on hold until after the inauguration.

Without Trump, users turn to right-wing sites like Parler and Gab, although the former is face suspensions of its own technology application platforms. Until the deadly events of last week, mainstream tech platforms were slow to take decisive action against Trump’s posts. With a Joe Biden administration around the corner and regulatory polls underway, a tougher stance is inevitable.

YouTube said the rule-breaking video included comments Tuesday press conference who violated its rules of incitement to violence. When Trump receives access again, he will have a strike on his account. If he breaks the rules a second time within 90 days, he will receive a two week suspension. If he breaks them a third time, his account will be permanently banned.

The company also said it would disable comments on any video previously posted to Trump’s channel “given continuing concerns about violence.”

YouTube before beaten down a video of Trump, posted amid the violence on Wednesday, which made false statements alleging widespread electoral fraud in the presidential election. He then announced a new typing system for accounts, including those of Trump, who engage in post-election disinformation.

The NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, and other groups that organized the Stop Hate for Profit advertiser boycott of Facebook this summer threatened YouTube with similar action Shouldn’t Tuesday delete Trump’s account. Borat actor and social media critic Sacha Baron Cohen called on YouTube to ban Trump’s account on Jan.11.

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