Your big break | Seth’s Blog

Some people have one. Most people don’t.

But if you’re reading this, it means you’ve been given more than one, maybe countless, little breaks.

Access to tools, benefit of the doubt, decent health, occasional peace of mind.

Small breaks. Again and again.

Small pauses get you into a room, but they don’t guarantee your performance. Little breaks give you a glimmer of confidence or opportunity, they give you a mic and a chance to share your dream.

Small breaks don’t always announce themselves as big breaks do.

Small compound ruptures, one often leading to the other. Or they don’t, creating false momentum and then disappointment.

Sometimes the little breaks pretend to be big, and sometimes they hide in plain sight.

Small breaks are easy to ignore and are therefore wasted.

Small breaks don’t like to be waited for like big breaks do, because while you wait you lose the little breaks that you already got.

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