With the connected cube, I learned to solve a Rubik’s cube

While the answers are already available, a new Rubik’s Cube (and companion app) connected via Bluetooth unveils terminology and simplifies everything in a guided tutorial. The Connected Cube, unfortunately, won’t get me into the World Ranking, but now I can more and more reliably solve a Rubix Cube, from scratch – without any help.

The Rubik’s The connected cube costs $ 59, which makes it significantly more expensive than typical Rubik’s cubes, which are typically less than $ 20. You pay this bounty for a flawless way of learning how to set up your Scrambled Cube, and a step-by-step on-track method that will solve it, barring human error.

Mat Smith, Engadget

The only visible difference with a cube that you didn’t solve in your childhood is a cross-shaped indentation on the yellow face. This is where you charge the puzzle so that it can connect via Bluetooth. A single charge will last you a good week of attempts to solve the cube. It looks, feels and moves differently just like any other Rubik’s Cube. The magic lies in the companion app. He’s a teacher with infinite patience who can keep up with every twist and, well, mess everything up.

The Rubik’s Connected app is mostly focused on competitive features and speed-solving timers aimed at experienced cubers, with the learning section for the rest of us relegated to the final tab. GoCube, the company behind Rubik’s Connected, has created connected cubes in the past – this is one with a (arguably important) Rubik branding. It also makes a more advanced model which lights up as you progress. It also costs $ 20 more.

The Solution Guide includes an in-depth course that covers the terminology and moves used to get you to your first resolution. It’s a seven-step process (there are faster, more complicated ways to solve it), and you’ll find some steps more complicated than others. At least I did.

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