Why HubSpot acquires The Hustle

The battle for customer attention has never been so fierce.

We have seen an explosion of brands using online channels to promote their services and products to potential customers.

The problem with this model is that you aren’t just fighting other competitors for that attention; you are in competition with all site which publishes informative videos, the latest trends and educational content that meets the needs of their audience.

We’ve built HubSpot on the belief that you gain attention by being of value. This belief is at the very heart of HubSpot’s success; creating great content is what makes a great brand. That’s why we’ve invested in publishing blogs, courses, eBooks, templates and videos that help drive millions of visits to HubSpot every month.

However, we cannot stop there. Just as the product requirements of growing businesses have changed over time, so have their content needs. Newsletters, podcasts, premium content, and other media have exploded in popularity for startups and scaleups looking for best practices and tech news.

So how can businesses adapt to this change? We believe the next generation of software companies will invest in media that grabs the attention of their audiences. Instead of the traditional model of integrating a software company into a media company, we predict that the next generation of tech companies will have the opposite: a media company integrated with a software company.

Today we’re taking our first steps in that direction with an acquisition that we believe will help HubSpot meet the diverse content needs of entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups on the mediums they love.

HubSpot has signed an agreement to acquire The Hustle, a highly regarded media company whose mission is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Traditionally, the marketing plan of a B2B business has been to put its product in the hands of decision makers and convince them to buy it. The majority of the published content was white papers, functional specifications, and content that helped their buyers make a purchasing decision. Companies devoted their time and resources to building relationships with a small group of people who were actively looking for a product to buy.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen huge changes in the way B2B companies approach media, with an explosion in popularity of those developing media products associated with inbound marketing to build relationships with large audiences at all the stages of their activity (attract, engage, convert, delight).

Today, B2B brands can be part of their customers’ daily lives even before using their product. They can become a daily source of education and information for their clients. They can develop a large following for that content by creating it for the people who buy their product and the many others who will use it. They can gain the attention of their audience by continually creating value for them.

As we thought about how we could continue to meet the needs of our customers, we knew there was an opportunity to diversify the content we publish and the mediums through which we deliver that content.

We started looking for potential opportunities to acquire media companies that had the talent and experience of the media in which we wanted to invest. It became evident to us that The Hustle met all of these needs perfectly.

We loved the content of The Hustle. They have a daily newsletter that reaches over 1.5 million subscribers every day with the latest technology and business news. They recently launched a premium content subscription called Trends, offering thousands of business ideas for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. And they have a very successful professional podcast, “My First Million”.

We were also incredibly impressed with the entire Hustle team – led by founder Sam Parr. Together, the Hustle team has built an incredible product and a loyal following. You can expect the same great content you’ve grown used to getting from The Hustle and HubSpot is thrilled to be a part of it.

We live in a busy world; It’s not easy trying to build a growing business and stay on top of all the critical content that can help you be more successful. With this acquisition, we want to provide our audiences and customers with the content they need in the medium they interact with the most, be it blogs, YouTube, newsletters or podcasts. We are excited about the current media products of The Hustle and the new ones we plan to launch together in the coming year.

The time has never been more exciting for a software company to become a daily part of their customers’ lives through media, and we look forward to continuing to innovate on how we gain the attention of our audiences.

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