Volvo self-docking technology is now a reality

Penta system that knows the location of the boat – using a combination of GPS, onboard sensors and dynamic positioning – and makes adjustments on the fly. The ship’s pilot just needs to grab the joystick and point in the general direction, and the system will do the tough yards.

Two years ago Volvo Penta first showed this system, during the Swedish stage of the Volvo Ocean Race in Göteborg. The test-stand boat was positioned between two 72.6-foot racing yachts and managed to navigate them perfectly without any stress.

This is relevant and important not only for candle types who want to show off, but for the future of sea travel. After all, being able to roll a boat in a straight line – automatically compensating for the environment – should make boating safer. And, of course, it’s another stop on the road to fully autonomous seagoing vessels.

If you’re the type of person who has the money for a “new boat,” you will be able to order Self-Mooring Boat Technology this spring. You will also be able to add the technology to your existing Volvo Penta motor yacht if it is between 35 feet and 120 feet, if you only have the money to “upgrade your existing boat”.

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