“ Users ” is a fascinating meditation on living and parenting in the digital age

“Baby births could not be scheduled, they happened unexpectedly,” she says. “Mothers had to carry the child within them for almost a year, then push it painfully. When that didn’t work, doctors would remove them surgically. You had to feed the baby with your own body and soothe the baby. child to sleep. “

Now your smart cradle can automatically detect when your child is crying and calm him down on its own. Watching the Snoo in action, I remembered when I tested it with my daughter. At the time, I was struck by the confidence I put in a machine. It was like delivering my newborn baby to our new god – technology. My daughter never found the Snoo soothing, so we gave up after a few weeks. But for Almada, and many other parents, it’s a miracle: “It was tireless, and it did it right every time. She was the perfect mother. And she was everywhere.”

More a tonic poem than a traditional narrative documentary, Users doesn’t have a lot of answers. Instead, Almada is more interested in increasing our awareness of modern life. It features images of a raging ocean, a reminder of where we all came from. Shortly after, we see a water treatment plant, which cleans the sewage so that we can have drinking water. Later, we see a mother breastfeeding her child – one of the most natural and purest acts humans can perform, but still made possible by the benefits of modern medicine and sanitation.

As a parent myself, it is heartwarming to see more art reflecting my concerns about how my child is being influenced by technology. “She’s in the satellites orbiting us in space. In the network of fiber optic cables that wrap around the earth. Everywhere, but out of sight, ”Almada says at the start of the film, describing her anxiety about the technological“ mother ”overseeing her children’s lives. “She and I are in a battle for the affection of my children. Will they love it more, will they love its perfection more than my imperfection?

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