UK to investigate Uber plan to buy UK rival Autocab

When the deal was announced, Uber said it would expand its ridesharing footprint in areas of the UK it had not yet entered. “Thanks to Autocab’s iGo marketplace, Uber will be able to connect [its] passengers with local operators who choose to take their reservation. In return, these local players would be able to connect to Uber’s platform to access “additional revenue opportunities”, “such as delivery”.

At the time, Uber said that the company would remain independent with “its own board of directors, exclusively focused on providing technology to the taxi and private hire industry around the world.” The problem, however, is that the iGo network (which Uber described as a “deal”) would be integrated with Uber’s. The CMA has now entered the first phase of its process and has opened its mailbox for public comment, before deciding to continue its investigation no later than March 26, 2021.

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