Ubisoft creates an open-world Star Wars game

The Ubisoft agreement marks the end of Exclusive EA Rights make Star wars securities. Disney Senior Vice President Sean Shoptaw said Wired that EA would remain a “very strategic and important partner,” but did not fear Disney’s desire to expand its developer lineup for the Space Fantasy franchise. “We felt there was room for the others,” said Shoptaw.

It’s not a surprising expansion. Critics accused EA of wasting its Star wars rights for most of the past eight years, with few major titles reaching players – the publisher is almost best known for cancellation of games in the franchise than to free them. Throw in questionable decisions like Battlefront IIis early paid mechanics and it may appear that EA has recently made good use of the Star wars name through games like Jedi: fallen order and Squadrons.

Ubisoft’s involvement would increase the volume of the blockbuster Star wars Games. More importantly for Disney, it could also reduce the chances of anyone releasing people on the concept of a Star wars Game. While Disney and Lucasfilm Games are always likely to be picky about developers, it won’t be surprising that they invite more partners in the future.

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