Tilt at the windmills | Seth’s Blog

Windmills aren’t the problem, it’s tipping.

In Cervantes’ time, “rocking” was a jousting word. You tilted your spear at an enemy and attacked.

Don Quijote was known to believe that the windmills in the distance were giants and he spent his days attacking.

Change can be like a windmill.

When we say that “I am uncomfortable transitioning to a new place,” we have said something true. But when we attack a windmill, we’ve wasted our time and missed an opportunity to focus on what matters instead.

When my father taught at the University of Buffalo, the heart of his MBA classes was to teach “the agent of change.” It is the external force that sets change in motion. The change agent, when identified, gives us an understanding of our options and the need to react, not react.

Each normal is a new normal, until it is replaced by another.

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