The Ultimate Guide to Design Patterns

If someone asked you to create an infographic, where do you start?

Surely do not with a blank Google document or sheet of paper. No, you would probably be looking for an infographic design template to use as a starting point – or at least get some ideas from it.

Design templates are extremely useful tools for marketers today. They provide advice and inspiration for almost all types of content and save precious time and energy.

We’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of design templates for your business. Read on to get started or use the chapter links below to move forward.

Benefits of design models

Good design is valuable, but not everyone can afford to hire a freelance designer or an in-house design team.

Design templates take out all the complicated design steps and equip even the most novice graphic designer to create stunning visuals.

Here are some other reasons to use design templates.

Design templates are convenient and quick.

Design templates save marketers (or business owners or even designers) the energy needed to recreate the same design over and over again. They provide a shortcut so you just have to spend time filling in the critical details.

Design templates also save you time. Are you facing a deadline for print ads or postcards? Prepare for the launch of a restaurant and need a new menu? Take a design template, fill in the necessary text, and send it on the way.

The design models are systematized.

Design templates, when uploaded from reputable sites, are created to meet the specifications and specifications required for the intended purposes.

If you upload a design template for your Etsy shop’s cover photo, it’s probably already set to the correct width and length as shown by the site. The same goes for other social media and print design templates like postcards, business cards, email headers, and Facebook ads.

The design patterns also help maintain brand guidelines and consistency. When a business defines a brand, creating design templates for all major visual, written, and printed components can help maintain consistency across the organization, regardless of who creates the ad or asset. marketing.

The design models are optimized.

Bad design hurts SEO. When people visit your site and can’t easily navigate a content offering or web page, they’re likely to leaveā€¦ or “bounce” off your site to find another. This tells search engines that your website is not a good response to search queries.

Design templates help you avoid this. By delivering great design and user experience, you won’t be shaken by search engines – and left in the dust by visitors.

Design templates are inexpensive.

Most of the design templates are free, especially when provided as content offerings by brands. Other places where you can find free or inexpensive design templates include Can go, Creative market, and Adobe.

You can also create your own design templates for free in programs such as Microsoft Word, Google docsand Canva.

How to use the design templates

Design templates can be used for most types of content, whether print, digital, written, or visual.

Below are a few key places where design templates can come in handy – and where to find them.

Visual content

Visual content is important in marketing. What is even more important is magnificent, coherent visual content.

Whether you are building an infographic to illustrate a new report, place Icons throughout a PowerPoint presentation or when creating a new graphic for a web page, design templates can help you visual marketing content consistent and brand consistent.

Recommended resource:

PowerPoint presentations

Digital content

Digital content can be difficult to create without help. Website design templates give marketers and business owners a starting point when building a homepage, blog, landing page, and other content digital.

Site builders love Square space, Wix, and HubSpot Usually provide web design templates that match their specific sites. WordPress also provides templates – also called WordPress Themes – which allow you to simply enter content and publish your site.

Recommended resource:

Inspiration for web design

Written content

Design templates created for written content are some of the most popular among marketers. Why? Because design patterns allow content marketers to focus on what they do best (content) while doing the rest (gorgeous design and practical use).

Let’s say you are creation of an electronic book and need a beautiful model. Working with a design template helps you focus on the aspect of writing and gives you hints on how to organize your content.

Don’t forget about informative content like press releases. Design templates can help give a creative touch to the traditional approach to public relations.

The same goes for email campaigns. Most email marketing tools (like HubSpot!) provide pre-designed email templates where you just need to enter your information.

Finally, design templates can also be useful for internal use. Need help to organize your content marketing efforts? How about developing a editorial calendar for your team? Design templates can help you create these documents and systems.

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EBook Templates

Promotional / printed content

Any content intended for the public should be consistent with your brand, especially promotional content. Design patterns can help standardize this.

Whether you are designing a series of promotional graphics for social media, create a PPC announcement, creation of a online presentation, develop a new call to action button for a landing page, or even creating a new menu for your restaurant or catering business, consider using design templates to maximize impact with consumers.

Some models can be found on sites like Can go or AdEspresso, and others can simply be recreated using software like PowerPoint.

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On your marks, get set, design

Design templates save you time, standardize your brand, and help your SEO. Whether you need ideas for a new social media ad campaign or are looking to create consistency between your web content, design templates can help.

Consider favorite some mentioned above or create your own for future use.

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