The survey says, “Meh” to Trump’s mark; Biggest Super Bowl Advertiser Challenge: Thursday First Things First

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After today’s inauguration, Trump left and, it seems, on the path of contempt– at least in terms of interest in its brand. His tenure appears to be working against him, as 48% of Americans polled by Adweek and Morning Consult believe his presidency has damaged the Trump brand. Most of the people questioned do not want to support it financially.

The results scream “meh”: And unlike many former presidents, most people don’t even want to buy his book or watch a TV show about him.

Inauguration updates:

On TVNewser, Adweek’s AJ Katz followed television coverage of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Journalists recalled the most memorable moments of the opening day of their careers, and shared their reflections on Biden’s inaugural address—Which earned praise from Chris Wallace, Karl Rove and Norah O’Donnell.

Finding the right tonal balance will be harder than ever for advertisers looking to capture the hearts and minds of audiences during Super Bowl LV – so difficult that some of the biggest brands that typically make appearances don’t. (However, some newbies make appearances.) “If you’re very calm and close your eyes, you can actually hear the sounds of your hand in every mount bay across the country,” said Don Shelford, Executive Creative Director at Swift.

Dos and Don’ts: We asked the experts how to overcome the many pitfalls that advertisers could face in a year of high emotion and cultural tension.

Along with everything else, 2020 has laid a major wrench in agency operations, with remote workers, clients pulling ad spend, and campaigns shifting to stay relevant. Things haven’t stopped changing, but agencies have started to engage in constant pivots and have learned to give marketers what they need right now. This means new models for acquiring talent and working with freelancers, not to mention working with smaller budgets.

Find out how they are making these changes and entering a new rhythm.

Black Americans need to learn a whole host of unofficial rules to keep them safe and secure – which is why a group of agency creatives turned these guidelines into an online encyclopedia that aims to spur change. The Encyclopedia of Unwritten Rules clarifies how racism manifests itself in the daily life of black people.

Find out who developed the encyclopedia and what inspired it.

This starry spot for Adidas’ ‘Predator Freak’ boots follows an epic WhatsApp group chat hosted by David Beckham to speak with his #Squad, which features French football player Wendie Renard, English women’s football star Toni Duggan, Manchester United player Paul Pogba, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane and many others.

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