The Morning After: Facebook launches COVID-19 vaccination booking tool

The world of deepfakes is both wonderful and disturbing. Applications like Recover can do most of the work for you, swapping your face with all that is important in pop culture and creating low-fi but functional video clips or gifs. On the other end, you have top tier deepfakes that combine an impersonator with a digital effects artist for the best Tom Cruise clips. this are not Tom cruise. Or, more seriously, people can become world leaders appear to say things they don’t have, creating spillover fake news.

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Somewhere in the middle there are people who are already using them for nefarious means and for personal gain. In an attempt to oust rivals from his daughter’s cheerleading team, a woman from Pennsylvania sent AI-edited photos and videos to coaches of some adolescents, showing them drinking, smoking or naked. She was arrested, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Last year, social networks like Facebook, TikTok and Twitter announced that they had forbidden deepfakes in an attempt to reduce their spread. However, the aforementioned fake cruise blew up on TikTok before being taken down.

– Mat Smith

It also brings the COVID-19 clearinghouse to Instagram.



Facebook is launching a tool that will show “when and where you can get vaccinated” for COVID-19 and even provide you with a link to help you make an appointment. The goal is “to help 50 million people move closer to obtaining COVID-19 vaccines,” according to a message from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital, which operates the website, to create the tool. It will be available in the COVID-19 Information Center from today and will offer hours of operation, contact details and links to make an appointment. It will be supported in 71 different languages ​​and may even appear on Instagram. Continue reading.

The Brazilian sports superstar is expected to arrive on March 16.

The next morning


Fortnite and football (aka football) are no strangers to each other, and Epic Games just teased that Brazilian sports star Neymar could make an appearance in Fortnite March 16 – can’t wait to see the games against Ripley. The timing isn’t right: Neymar has been sidelined with injuries for most of the past few months. Fortnite could be Neymar’s only competitive appearance for a spell. Read on.

It will be the first BMW brand to take the plunge.

The next morning


German newspaper The mirror reports that Mini will only be using the electric vehicle by 2030, with its latest new combustion-engined car arriving in 2025. If this is correct, that would make Mini the first BMW badge to drop gas. There is work to be done. Currently the Cooper SE (aka Mini Electric) is its only pure EV, with an all-electric version of the Countryman reportedly going into production in 2023. Continue reading.

It also starts a program to help creators use the audio chat application.

Clubhouse will no longer need to access your phone contacts to invite people to the platform – just add their phone number directly. While not as ideal as avoiding phone numbers altogether, it does respond to complaints that Clubhouse was asking for unnecessary information. Company chief Paul Davidson also said that you can ask the company to delete any contacts you have already uploaded and that a tool is being developed to allow you to delete contacts you -even. The audio-only network also introduces a Creator First accelerator program, which gives producers the resources to get their projects done. It starts out very small, however. Only 20 people will initially be eligible for the initiative. Read on.

And that’s not all

Google to face lawsuit for tracking Incognito mode

Several Amazon Echo devices are on sale for today only

Final FAA drone rules take effect April 21

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