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Google is making a big change to its hugely lucrative advertising setup. Its advertising business model has long relied on the wealth of information it has gleaned from the users of its services (Gmail, Google Maps, etc.), not to mention its own web browser, Chrome. Google sold this information to anyone who wanted to reach the people most likely to click, buy, subscribe, or the like. Yesterday, to track individuals on the internet – and won’t even use new credentials created by third parties.

However, he does not throw away his printing machine money. Personalized ad tracking may be phased out, but it will be replaced by anonymized ad tracking that aggregates users with similar interests and behaviors and serves ads to those people.

And it’s not perfect. As we wrote , “First-party” data, or the information you collect about visitors to your own sites, is still a fair game for specific ad targeting, while mobile apps (a huge thing for online ad spend) also bypass these changes.

So why is Google even doing this? It is not out of the kindness of his heart. The company faces increased surveillance of as governments try to tighten data privacy regulations It doesn’t come out of the blue either: Google announced early last year that it wanted to make third-party cookies obsolete within two years. But it’s always a surprise that the company makes changes before they have to.

– Mat Smith

Jay-Z will sit on the Square board.


Square, the payments company, bought a controlling stake in Tidal for the equivalent of $ 297 million in cash and shares. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square (and Twitter, in case you forgot), says the deal was an effort to find “new ways” for artists to get paid.

Majority stake owner Jay-Z (who is already working with Dorsey on a Bitcoin fund) will join Square’s board with influence on other products. Sadly, at least according to Jack Dorsey’s tweets, the company still wants to be known as TIDAL, not Tidal. It may be a bit late for this to happen. Continue reading.

They want base speeds of 100 Mbps for uploads and downloads.

A group of four senators are asking the Federal Communications Commission to change its definition of broadband broadband to dramatically increase base speeds. Under the current FCC policy, created in 2015, 25 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up is the minimum standard for broadband, which might be enough for Netflix, but not if you want to make it. more with your internet connection in 2021. In their letter, Senators Joe Manchin, Rob Portman, Michael Bennet and Angus King say that better speeds, especially for downloads, are needed in a connected future, affecting telemedicine and to courses and lessons broadcast live. Continue reading.

They will also act as headphones.

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Smart glasses look cool, but the products we’ve seen so far haven’t been remarkable. And a little big. Now, Razer, which tries to do it all, has announced its own version of the laptop that looks a lot like Amazon’s Echo frames, but with blue light blocking features. We’re still talking about renders at this point, but Razer Anzu frames will feature touch controls to manage music playback, accept or reject calls, activate your phone’s assistant, or activate “game mode”. They use a custom Bluetooth 5.1 connection which brings 60ms latency which should keep your audio from stuttering. Additionally, Razer promises “over 5 hours of battery life” on a single charge.

If you’re already sold, they’re now available for $ 200, complete with a carrying case, USB-A charging cable, and UVA / UVB polarized replacement sunglasses lenses, at and . Read on.

“Someday when the squaddin is over, we’ll take our voice over and go.

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Fortnite tries to fold anything and everything in his battle royale fights. Now there’s a new emote that uses a version of “Soon May the Wellerman Come,” the traditional folk song at the heart of the slum craze, but with Fortnitelyrics on the theme. If you are on a team and all use the emote at the same time, your characters will sing in harmony. Even though they are and . Continue reading.

Think of the Roam as a smaller, more affordable Sonos Move.

His bone

The edge

It’s called Sonos Roam, and like the Move before it, it will have the ability to play audio over WiFi and Bluetooth connections. According to the leak at The edge, it would cost $ 169 when it goes on sale on April 20. That’s probably more than most people want to spend on a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s a big cut off the Move’s current $ 399 price tag. It is also smaller. There’s no shortage of portable wireless bluetooth speakers, but we’ll have to wait to see if Sonos can stand out. Continue reading.

And a privacy screen will prevent the driver from glancing at “Mrs. Maisel ‘.



The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will have plenty to keep passengers entertained on long journeys – they will be the first vehicles to integrate Amazon Fire TV into the infotainment system.

Passengers will be able to watch movies and shows, play games, use apps, and access Alexa on the go through Fire TV for Auto. They can watch shows and movies together or separately, on multiple screens. There’s also a privacy filter in place on the front passenger seat screen to prevent the driver from watching when their eyes should be on the road. Read on.

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