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Looks like it was a leaky weekend. Choose your company: Samsung’s concept for AR glasses, filled with frames that are far too bulky, or perhaps the next generation of Apple AirPods, the intra-auricular kind.

These are two very different types of leaks. Samsung seems to be the kind of conceptual video tease that may or may not result in a device. The previous teases resulted in material quite different from the intoxicating dream of years earlier. The company’s foldable phones are a good example, here.

With Apple, a photo of what could be its next AirPods iteration is reassuring – and very likely to happen. They appear to be wireless headphones that would fit between the original AirPods and the more expensive (better performing) AirPods Pro. The hardware looks like the Pro iteration, with a larger casing and redesigned stems. But will these headphones offer active noise cancellation?


A Bloomberg report previously said the third-gen model would not support ANC, like the Pro, while this more recent leak of 52Audio suggests that the ANC features are “highly likely” because the hardware inside looks quite similar to the Pro model.

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The game will feature cross-platform progression.

Diablo 2

Snow storm

There is a semblance of my social life. Blizzard remastered Diablo II – a game that put its claws on me when I was a teenager. You’ll be able to replay the classic action RPG later this year on PC and consoles with support for cross-platform progression. The remaster will feature both the original game, its Lord of destruction expansion and seven different character classes. You will be able to play through D2The story in five acts with up to seven other people. Quality of life improvements include remastered cutscenes, a larger pool, and the ability to transfer items between your heroes. Diablo II: resurrected will come to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch. Continue reading.

This could have big implications for space travel.

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Scientists from NASA and the German Aerospace Center launched several fungal and bacterial organisms into the stratosphere in 2019 as part of the MARSBOx experiment. The Earth’s stratosphere has conditions that closely resemble Mars, making it the perfect place to send samples to determine if they would survive on the Red Planet. Now the scientists have published their findings, showing that some organisms could live on the surface of Mars, if only temporarily. The researchers found that they could revive the returned spores, which could have implications for the protection of astronauts in space. The research could identify microorganisms that could help space explorers produce food and materials independent of Earth. Continue reading.

The aim is to avoid “greenwashing” so that consumers can make sustainable decisions.

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The EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) plans to create eco-rating labels for the airline industry, similar to its trains, according to a report from Germany. World on Sunday. The EU would try to counterbalance the “greenwashing” potential of airlines which promote exaggerated claims of green flights. Aviation contributes 3.5% of the pollution responsible for global warming, according to a recent international study. Continue reading.

And you sell it.



Chanel announced the AI-powered Lipscanner app, which uses your phone’s camera to identify a tint – whether it’s on someone’s lips or just the color of your favorite handbag – and suggests a correspondence from Chanel’s “universe of lips”, which includes over 400 of the products. This isn’t the first beauty brand to offer this feature (or the ability to virtually test the shade yourself using AR), but the process seems more streamlined than others. And with all the cachet that Chanel commands. Continue reading.

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