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This weekend the Chiefs take on the Bucs in Super Bowl LV, and if you’re a cord cutter trying to watch the big game, we have all the advice you need to find a stream. The bad news is, if you’re looking for a 4K HDR stream this year, you’re out of luck because CBS doesn’t provide one. Still, there should be even more close-up camera angles than in most years, with fewer fans in the stadium than usual.

Until then, check Too many corners. It’s a Animal Crossing-based remake of the 2014 viral video Too Many Cooks it proves that we may have been isolated for too long.

– Richard Lawler

Only the corners even have a hint of bezel.


The real challenge, Xiaomi notes, was “making a four-curve 88 ° glass panel” and gluing it to the underlying screen. Altogether, Xiaomi says, the process of properly shaping glass layers like this involved internal processing equipment, 800-degree heat, several polishing tools, and thousands of attempts.
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Plus the Super Bowl TV deals.

Apple M1 MacBook Pro

A few of the latest MacBooks equipped with Apple’s new M1 chips are on sale, while a few Vizio OLED TVs are in the hundreds of dollars at Best Buy. You might not get your new TV until Sunday’s big game, but it’s still worth checking out Super Bowl TV Deals if you are looking for a new set. Plus, Amazon Kindles are the best prices we’ve seen since Black Friday and Nintendo. Ring-shaped adventure is back in stock and on sale.

Here are all of the best deals of the week that you can still grab today, and don’t forget to follow. @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for more updates.
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Virtual Sundance, Bezos is leaving Amazon and Apple Car.

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This week Terrence O’Brien, editor-in-chief of Devindra and Engadget, discusses all the wild movies, VR experiences and the new media projects they saw at the Sundance Film Festival online. We discuss Rodney Ascher’s dive into simulation theory, A problem in the matrix; the meditative technical documentary Users; and our experiences of exploring VR evenings.

Also we are discussing Jeff Bezos’ plan to step down as Amazon CEO (and why it’s terrifying that he has more time to become a supervillain), and the Apple Car Rumors are finally starting to look realistic.

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Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Ballmer recently visited the app’s chat rooms.


The Clubhouse application is presented as a “walk-in audio chat”. The idea is similar to the chat rooms of the first Internet. But instead of instant messaging, it’s real-time audio, and the year-old startup was recently valued at $ 1 billion.
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But wait, there is more …

Microsoft launches cross-platform password autofill feature

“ Final Fantasy XIV ” PS5 beta starts April 13

Trump’s negotiations to join Parler would have involved participation

SpaceX to launch NASA mission to study universe history

Netflix employee accidentally killed Nintendo’s live-action Zelda series

Google is closing its Stadia game studios

The Nike Go FlyEase shoe slips on without a zipper, laces or straps

Upscaled: How is the M1 so much faster than other chips?

Watch this 20-minute tour of the Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World

SpaceX SN9 spacecraft test ends in another fiery hell

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