The 8 best projectors: short throw, portable, low latency and more

There is nothing like it watch your favorite movies in a dark room on a big screen. For that authentic home cinema experience, you’ll need a projector (and a popcorn maker).

Theaters could reopen in some states, but the pandemic is not over. It’s always a good idea to consider this classic visualization technology. It used to be that you had to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get a great projected experience, but now you can get a massive and gorgeous image for less than the cost of a Flagship TV. Projectors are also much more portable and easier to set up than they used to be. And if you’ve got the space, there are some great pocket-sized and close-range models that make it easy on lawn-side movie nights, like finding an extension cord and a level chair to set them up. Below are our favorite models and a few screens to pair with them.

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Update May 2021: We’ve added the Optoma UHD35 as our top gaming pick.

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