The 10 best TV shows of 2020

As we quarantined ourselves at home for much of the year due to Covid-19, television was pretty much the only source of new entertainment available to us. And fortunately, despite the production stoppages which prevented some The best shows of 2019 After making new episodes this year (including Barry, Succession, and Russian Doll), there were plenty of great options for watching food cravings. Several series have even skillfully navigated the pandemic to produce some of the best TVs created in the course of each year.

As a result, there was no shortage of worthy contenders for this year’s list of Top 10 TV Shows. The range, which includes a single series back from 2019 List, features four shows that got off the ground in Season 2, two gripping mini-series, a sensational freshman debut and three longer series that only get better with age. (For shows broadcast over linear networks, we’ve also included the name of the OTT service they are currently broadcasting on.)

10. The Mandalorian (Disney +)

Disney +

Every streaming service seeks to attract subscribers by turning a beloved IP into a TV show, but none have done it as skillfully as Disney + with the very first live-action Star Wars series. In Season 2, the series avoided the dreaded sophomore crisis by choosing not to become The Baby Yoda Show and lean into this character’s huge fanbase (his real name is Grogu, but he will still be Baby Yoda. for us). Instead, Adweek TV Creator of the Year Jon Favreau continued to rely on the character only in smaller doses, instead focusing on a powerful weekly mix of thrilling action pieces, spooky enemies (including an ice cave filled with carnivorous spiders), and humor , while also delving into the Star Wars universe in a way that most recent films have failed to do.

9. What we do behind the scenes (FX, streaming on Hulu)


Based on the 2014 mock documentary, this comedy about a vampire house on Staten Island and their human “familiar” built on its promising first season to produce a steady stream of much-needed belly laughs during the pandemic. Season 2 was filled with memorable episodes, including the gang panicked after receiving a chain email threatening them to be cursed by Bloody Mary if they didn’t forward it to 10 other people and attend the their neighbor’s Super Bowl party (which they mistake for a Superb owl bash). But nothing comes close to “On the Run,” a tour de force episode in which vampire Laszlo (Matt Berry) hides in rural Pennsylvania as a bartender in a small town named Jackie Daytona – using a toothpick as the only disguise.

8. Lovecraft Country (HBO, streaming on HBO Max)


Misha Green held nothing back in her wildly inventive adaptation of Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel about two intertwined black families in 1950s Jim Crow America battling racism while facing untold supernatural horrors. One episode would focus on a black woman who could literally slip into the skin of a white woman; the next followed the story of a South Korean nurse possessed by a kumiho, a thousand-year-old fox demon. Green, Adweek’s Game Changer of the Year, expertly blended horror, supernatural, and other genre elements to create a compelling story about America’s racist past and present.

7. Pen15 (superior)


In lesser hands, this comedy would have been sparked in its first year by its premise, which seemed better suited to an SNL sketch: co-creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine themselves play the role of banned 13-year-old college students in the ‘year. 2000, when the rest of their classmates are real teenagers. Yet the show has developed into something astonishing that is both poignant and hilarious. It continued into its even stronger season, exploring the issues that shape adolescence in moving (and yes, hilarious) ways: from handling Konkle to her parents’ marriage breakdown to other rites of passage. like sleepovers, first kisses and flirting. with witchcraft.

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