Tesla recalls nearly 135,000 vehicles over touchscreen failures

However, the company is not that enthusiastic. He dismissed the idea that chip wear was a flaw, arguing officials that it was “economically, if not technologically, impossible” to expect eMMC storage to last the useful life of it. ‘a vehicle. He was calling back to end the investigation and improve the customer experience. In the recall notice, NHTSA said it “does not agree” and that this has not changed Tesla’s obligations.

This is not the only memory of Tesla in recent memory. He asked some Model X owners to have their vehicles serviced corroded power steering bolts early 2020.

The failures of the touchscreen are of concern, however. While it is true that eMMC storage is not guaranteed to last (flash memory by its nature eventually loses its write capacity), it is tied to important car functions – and many drivers may not. not be aware of this longevity. Ideally, automakers like Tesla would make it clear when components like this are likely to fail and ask drivers to come in long before those failures occur.

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