Tesla Model S’s redesigned interior swaps into a steering yoke

Tucked away in its latest earnings report, Tesla included footage of its Next Model S refresh. The renderings give a glimpse of the interior of the vehicle, highlighting a cockpit more in line with the Model Y and Model 3.

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At the front of the car there is a larger screen and a steering yoke that is likely to divide Tesla’s fan base. In the back, Tesla has included a screen for passengers. The automaker also shared an image of the Model S Plaid, which will arrive later this year and include the redesigned interior. According to Tesla, the $ 138,490 Plaid + The Model S version will offer the ability to travel over 520 miles on a single charge.

Plaid model S 2021

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In the past two weeks, the company said it has upgraded its Fremont plant to prepare for production of the new Model S and Model X. It plans to resume manufacturing of the vehicles before the start of the second quarter of the year, thus increasing capacity as the year progresses. The new Model S will feature a new powertrain, along with updates to its exterior and other improvements.

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