TCL pushes 8K mini LED technology and “ OD Zero ” for its 2021 televisions

TCL impressive LCD screens has been among our favorite TVs in recent years, so how will they improve for 2021? Late follow-up of a promise of last year’s CES event, all new entries in its mid-range 6 Series range will feature 8K resolution four times sharper than 4K. While you’re unlikely to have a lot of native 8K content to watch on sets, they’re ready to improve on low-res content. If you’d rather stick with 4K, the company says its existing line of 6 Series TVs will remain available.

the latest edition of 6 series LCD display introduced the second generation of TCL’s mini LED backlight technology, and now LG and Samsung will sell televisions using similar technology. To keep pace, TCL is launching its third generation mini LED backlighting, dubbed OD Zero. The name is zero because the distance between its backlight layer and the LCD panel has been reduced to 0mm, which should result in an even thinner screen.

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