Sudan regains full control of border with Ethiopia: ministry | Ethiopia News

The Sudanese army has reclaimed the border that had been taken over by Ethiopian farmers, according to the Sudanese foreign ministry.

The Sudanese foreign minister said the army had restored control of all land along the border which had been taken over by Ethiopian farmers.

“The armed forces have now fully recovered all of Sudanese territory,” Minister Omar Qamareddine said Thursday at a press conference in Khartoum.

“The borders have already been demarcated, all that remains in our talks… is the increase in border signs,” Qamareddine said.

Tensions have erupted between the two countries over the al-Fashqa border region, where Ethiopian farmers cultivate fertile land claimed by Sudan.

The region has seen sporadic clashes over the years, but new fighting erupted in November when the federal government sent troops to Ethiopia’s neighboring Tigray region against regional authorities.

About 50,000 Ethiopian refugees have crossed the border to escape the fighting.

Earlier this month, Khartoum accused Ethiopian “forces and militias” of ambushing Sudanese troops along the border, killing four and injuring more than 20.

Addis Ababa played down the reported ambush, saying it did not threaten relations between the two countries.

Sudan has since deployed troops to the border region and held demarcation talks with its eastern neighbor.

Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Dina Mufti blamed “outside forces” for tensions with Sudan.

He said in a Wednesday briefing that these forces “don’t care about the Ethiopian and Sudanese people, but want the region to be in chaos and want to take advantage of this chaos.”

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