Spotify’s shared playlist queue functionality extends to Polestar 2 vehicles

Last year Spotify started beta testing Group sessions. It is a feature that allows up to six people to share control of the music playing in the background of a virtual meet. Those involved can queue up songs, podcasts, and playlists, as well as skip tracks they don’t like. In one expansion spotted by The edge, you can now enjoy group sessions in the first (and currently only) Android Automotive car, the Polestar 2.

Once a driver starts a session, everyone in the car can join them by scanning the Spotify code that appears on the Polestar 2’s front screen. A significant limitation is that only those with Spotify Premium accounts can join, so not everyone can hijack your playlist and turn a fun road trip into an exercise in patience. The driver can also revoke access at any time because, as Polestar rightly points out, “passengers are not always right”.

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