Samsung manufactures bluetooth and ultra-broadband tracking beacons

Samsung not only had phones and headphones to show off at its Unpacked event today, it also has new accessories to show off. The new Galaxy SmartTag is a “Bluetooth locator” – in other words, it’s a Tile shaped dongle you can tie it to your personal effects to find out where they are. It will be part of the Galaxy S21 pre-order pack – if you pledge to purchase one of the new phones by January 28, you’ll get a SmartTag for free.

According to Samsung, this promotion will continue while supplies last, so it’s not yet clear to what extent they will be available, but if you want to purchase them individually, they will be available for $ 30. This is for the Bluetooth LE based version. The company also told Engadget that “there will be different prices depending on the technology you get.” There will also be a Tag + model that adds ultra wideband (UWB) and it will be available later this year.

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