Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile have entered politics. They donate to a four-legged mayor

Since the insurgency on the U.S. Capitol, the nation’s biggest brands have started reassess their political contributions. The goal is to make sure that from now on, people do not associate their names with the types of characters who violently ransacked the country’s seat of government on January 6.

But unlike its major league counterparts, who together spent $ 40 million on lobbying activities between January 2019 and September 2020 according to Open Secrets, low-budget mobile operator Mint Mobile had no money in it. the political game – until now.

In a new spot featuring Mint Mobile owner and actor Ryan Reynolds, the brand announced its first-ever political contribution: $ 15 to the mayor of Idyllwild, California.

Who is a good mayor?

But this mayor is no ordinary politician: Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II is a golden retriever, and a “good, good boy,” Reynolds said. He is the second dog-mayor of the unincorporated town of Idyllwild, and his position is both non-partisan and non-political. Mayor Max “promises to love everyone unconditionally, whatever their opinions or political party,” he wrote in the introduction to his Calendar 2021.

The $ 15 check Mint Mobile sent Mayor Max doesn’t come close to contributions from the big mobile carriers, but it’s intentional. “We’d rather invest our money in things for you,” Reynolds said, announcing free data upgrades on each of Mint Mobile’s plans starting Jan. 28.

From Reynolds bought a stake in the company in November 2019, the brand’s identity has largely merged with the humor and character of the actor. He speaks and stars in commercials for his production company, Maximum Effort, and constantly leverages his intimate knowledge of pop culture to keep it up to date with each episode. Over the past year he hired Rick Moranis stand in a mint field, laughing at him want to join the Geek Squad and left voice messages for all subscribers of the carrier.

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