Russia slows down Twitter for failing to remove ‘illegal content’

Twitter users in Russia will need to be patient each time they visit the website. Roskomnadzor, the country’s communications authority, has ad that this slows down the speed of Twitter for not removing illegal content and materials containing prohibited information. The decision comes shortly after Russia for follow-up Twitter, Google, Facebook and other websites for allegedly failing to delete messages urging children to take part in illegal protests against the conviction received by Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin. However, Roskomnadzor’s announcement did not mention these messages in his ad.

Instead, he cited tweets containing child pornography and drug use, as well as posts inciting minors to commit suicide as the reason for the move. The regulator said it has sent more than 28,000 requests to remove illegal content to Twitter since 2017 and that 3,168 documents containing prohibited information still remain on the platform. He focused on tweets calling on minors to kill themselves en masse on March 3, which the website reportedly did not remove. Roskomnadzor said his decision to step up speeds on Twitter is aimed at protecting Russian citizens and forcing the website to comply with the country’s laws.

The Twitter slowdown will be implemented on all mobile devices and 50% of non-mobile devices, including PCs. In addition, the regulator threatened to block Twitter completely in the country if it continued to “ignore the requirements of the law”.

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