Reddit updates the technology behind its avatars

Reddit’s updates for January 6-19 were highlighted by improving his avatars and revamping his notifications experience.

The core avatar technology has been updated to make them more scalable and secure, and to provide them with better telemetry.

This allows Redditors to do things like change their beard color without changing their hair color, or hold something in their right hand without undoing what they are holding in their left hand.

Profile pictures and avatars, which were already available for Android and the mobile web, have been added for the desktop, with iOS to follow.

And new fashions and accessories have been released to help avatars ring in 2021.

Reddit has also started rolling out a new notifications inbox, with profile and community images, as well as the ability to hide and manage notifications online.

The platform said it had rolled out to around 5% of users on Tuesday.

Once Redditors are on the new version, they will be able to control inbox notifications and emails they receive through Android, desktop, iOS, and the mobile web.


Android and Desktop Redditors can now sign up or login to their accounts via magic links sent to their email addresses, giving them one-click access. This feature was already available for iOS.

Another feature already available on iOS and extended to Android, desktops, and the mobile web: New Redditors can select more detailed sub-topics that interest them.

Reddit also runs an A / B test where best sorting on comment threads will prioritize comments with high vote rates, with the goal of helping high-quality comments get the attention they deserve.

The reward sheet on posts and comments was different from that on live videos, and Reddit cleaned it up to make them all the same.

Reddit is running a limited test for the next two weeks, offering disconnected Redditors on the mobile web various offers and rewards if they download the Reddit app for the first time and go online. This test will go to 25% of mobile Internet users.

Editors who have not yet verified their accounts are reminded to do so via a removable banner on iOS.

Finally, Reddit detailed various bug fixes in its blog post.

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