Raspberry Pi Pico is a $ 4 Arduino alternative

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has so far concentrated its energy on microcomputers, but now he turns his attention to Arduino-style microcontrollers for your homebrew gadgets. The organization has introduced the Raspberry Pi Pico, a $ 4 card meant to provide a smooth entry point for microcontrollers. Think of it more as a complement to a Pi intended for tasks like analog input.

It’s built on Raspberry Pi’s internal silicon, the RP2040. The ARM Cortex-M0 + dual-core chip, 264KB of RAM and support for 16MB non-flash memory (2MB is built-in) may not seem like much, but it would be powerful for the classroom with strong performance for tasks like machine learning. Most importantly, it’s designed to be flexible – the 30-pin GPIO, USB 1.1 controller (plus USB mass storage mode), and other additions should help it interface with whatever project you’re working on. .

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