Pornhub will use a third party company to verify credentials on uploaded content

Anyone wishing to join the program will need to verify their identity through Yoti, which requires applicants to submit a current photo and government approved ID. According to Ars Technica, Yoti is a London-based company whose customers (Pornhub, in this case) would not see any submitted documentation. In his support documents, Yoti says he can only see data submitted by people for a maximum of seven days while he checks their photo matches that of their government identity using facial recognition software After that, it encrypts the information so that the company itself can no longer see it.

Additionally, Pornhub claims that its parent company has expanded its moderation efforts with dedicated human moderators to review every download. He recently launched a Trusted Flagger program, which gives 40 nonprofits dedicated to keeping children safe on the internet the power to report anything they believe violates the website’s terms of service. The flag of nonprofit partner videos will be immediately deactivated to prevent their spread as soon as possible, in case they really contain illegal content.

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