Polestar’s latest EV concept is an adorable three-wheeled cargo sled

At this point in its history, Volvo’s Polestar brand is best known for manufacturing high-end electric vehicles like the $ 60,000 Polestar 2. This is what makes his latest project, Remove, so unusual. It is a three-wheel electric snowmobile resulting from a remote collaboration between the automobile manufacturer, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, manufacturer of electric motorcycles Cake, manufacturer of aluminum Hydro and Wallpaper magazine. The group said it has set out to reconsider what last mile delivery might look like in a post-pandemic world. Re: Move is the result of this collaboration.

The polar star

There aren’t many details on the EV just yet, but Polestar says it’s designed to be compact enough to handle most bike lanes while carrying around 600 pounds of cargo. The frame is also made from fully recycled aluminum. As a cyclist, I don’t know what I think about sharing a bike lane with what is essentially an oversized e-bike, but at least it’s better than a parked FedEx or UPS truck forcing cyclists to ride. ” enter a lane reserved for cars.

Plus, Polestar seems serious about turning Re: Move into something that could eventually find its way onto the city streets. The company says it will unveil a working version of Re: Move this fall. In the meantime, it will host a SXSW session detailing design work on March 17th.

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