Pluto is a portable, battery-powered modular synth that’s perfect for space

There is a small four-key touchscreen keyboard in the corner. But you’re more likely to rely on the simple four-step sequencers for each voice, which can also be set to ping-pong or reversed. Steps can be quantized at preset scales to make sure things stay musical, but it also accepts MIDI and CV inputs to allow it to play well with other gear. And there’s also a built-in delay which also has loop and glitch modes for additional auditory chaos.

Based on the demo clips posted by Modern Sounds, it seems to excel at the kind of cute beeps and boops often associated with Eurorack. Which is quite exciting since many of the smaller, more affordable modular systems seem to have sonically rougher edges.

Another thing that sets Pluto apart is its built-in 2500mAh battery. Most other portable synthesizer equipment uses AA and AAA batteries.

Unfortunately, it is not known when Pluto will start shipping or how much it will cost – only the promise that “Pluto is coming soon”.

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