PlayStation Store will stop selling movies and TV shows on August 31

You will have to turn to third-party services if you want to buy or rent videos from your PlayStation Later this year. Sony is to abandon Buy and rent movies and TV shows from PlayStation Store on August 31st. The electronics giant believes that the “huge growth” of ad-supported subscription and streaming services has reduced the need for an in-house buy-and-lease option.

All the movies and shows you’ve purchased will remain available on your PS4, PS5, and mobile devices after the August 31 deadline, Sony said.

It’s unclear how well movie and show rentals on the PlayStation Store have gone, but there’s no doubt that they’ve lost a lot of their importance since. launch in 2008. Streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video now dominate the online video landscape, and those who want to buy or rent content can use third-party options like the Apple TV app. There just isn’t as much of an incentive to use the Sony store, especially if you have devices that can’t use it.

Still, it’s unfortunate if you depended on the PlayStation Store to snag movies and shows while they’re still relatively new – the experience won’t be as seamless as it used to be. We doubt this is a sufficient problem to cause a Xbox Exodus, but it’s a little sad to see such a long chapter in PlayStation history come to an end.

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