Philips Hue module turns any light switch into a smart switch


There is a new option if you want new switches. A redesigned Philips Hue dimmer (shown in the middle) gives you the familiar brightness and power functions, but now there’s a ‘Hue’ button that lets you immediately activate a favorite lighting scene or tailor the lights at the time of day. The wireless device can fit on a wall plate, but it will also mount on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface. The new dimmer will arrive in North America on February 23 for $ 25.

And yes, there are new Hue bulbs this year. The Amarant is a discreet mountable outdoor spotlight intended to “wash” walls in light, while the Appear wall light is now available in a brushed steel finish with easy installation. You’ll find the Amarant in North America on March 2 for $ 170. For now, at least, the new Appear variant won’t be available in Europe until January 26 for € 150.

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