Peacock launch sponsors seek to win over office superfans with home office confessions

NBCUniversal’s hit comedy The Office leaves Netflix and arriving on streamer Peacock on January 1—And the broadcaster and its advertising partners go out of their way to woo superfans with Office-style ads and trivia.

The first two seasons of the beloved show will be available for ad-supported viewing through the Peacock Free Friday Tier. The remaining seven seasons of the mock documentary will be accessible behind an ad-supported $ 4.99 level. Commercial breaks throughout playback of the show will include Office-inspired commercials from launch sponsors Unilever and State Farm.

Thirty-second spots will mimic the ironic humor and production quality of The Office, with quick zooms and confessionals exploring the home office experiences of new characters. In ad for State Farm, a home improvement project goes horribly wrong; in another for Ax body spray, the spot’s main character has to face off against a younger sister turned disgruntled colleague.

“State Farm also works”put ads to sleepWhich offers messages when a viewer freezes content, which include Office-specific anecdotes about the show, designed to entice viewers to know their knowledge of the various misadventures throughout the series. Viewers who choose to watch Frenzy may be rewarded with fewer announcements from sponsors if they are looking for popular story arcs, such as the one in which Jim and Pam’s romance blossoms

This will be the first time The Office, which ran on NBC from 2005 to 2013, will air any commercial. The sitcom has been allowed to run on Netflix ad-free for years, where it has consistently ranked among the most viewed shows on the streaming service. After NBCUniversal bought the rights to the sitcom for $ 500 million in 2019, the broadcaster announced this month that it would make the series bigger with new images. Those extended cuts and deleted scenes begin with season three, which will remain behind the Peacock paywall.

The personalized ads that will accompany the ad-supported Office viewing experience are part of NBCUniversal’s cross-promoting Symphony platform. Symphony is intended to help further drive the success of the sitcom’s rerun and raise awareness of Peacock even more across all of the company’s marketing channels. Confessions from the Home Office custom creation for Unilever and State Farm will be featured in Peacock’s trends section to drive people to the Office Visualization Center on the platform, while uplifting the platform’s launch advertisers. form; the efforts will also appear on the shelf and on the digital.

“Bringing The Office to Peacock allows us to attract a whole new set of consumers,” said Laura Molen, president of ad sales and partnerships for NBCUniversal. “This is really designed to embrace the Office superfans and provide us with ads that capture the spirit of the home office.”

Building the future of streaming advertising

This is the first time Peacock has extended the show’s intellectual property to advertisers for use in their marketing. To achieve this, NBCUniversal called in an Office expert. The commercials were directed by Paul Lieberstein, who produced and wrote The Office and served as showrunner during the show’s fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth seasons. The spots were produced by Independent Media and produced in partnership with the Creative Partnerships team at NBCUniversal.

“It was great to revisit The Office’s take on mock documentary – it’s such a specific style, the skills to do it were so unique, and it was great to be able to put it again,” Lieberstein said. “I hope these spots evoke The Office for viewers, get them excited and nostalgic to see it again on Peacock, which is part of the NBC family where it first aired.”

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