Pax Era Pro Review (2021): One of the Best Vape Pens

You can adjust the PAX’s temperature settings by gently pulling on the cartridge, like pumping a bicycle pump. You’ll feel a little button-like feel and see that the lights on the outside go from one sheet (coldest) to four (hottest), with a fifth stop and a flashing light at the setting recommended by the manufacturer. Typically I found the setting to be between one and two lights.

One cool thing about RFID technology is that it’s read and write, which means when you change the temperature setting for a specific pod that specific pod is remembered. Replace the pods and your PAX will adjust to each individual’s specific settings. Pretty neat, especially if you like different pods at different temperatures.

Unlike other vaporizers, the Era Pro does not have an on / off button; instead, it is felt when you breathe in using a series of extremely precise pressure sensors. Unlike the previous era, the new Pro has two sensors, so it shouldn’t accidentally drop a weed smell in your pants when it thinks you’re inhaling in an elevator.

In the Android phone app (or Web application if you have an iPhone), you can learn a bit more about what you inhale. Everything from specific temperature to strain information is there.

If you never want to accidentally inhale too much, pressure sensors combine with temperature sensors to dispense a dose size of 1 to 4 (small to fairly large). No matter how hard or soft you pull, the vaporizer delivers a consistent amount, with haptic feedback shaking the pen to let you know you’re done. I’ve rarely used this feature, but it’s great for new users, who can be a bit happy.

Parents (or those with frequent children) will appreciate that you can lock the device using the app, so that no one can unlock it without your permission. That’s right: Unless they have your cell phone, you never have to worry about your teen stealing a puff.

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I live in Oregon and the vast majority of retailers sell Pax capsules, but this can vary from state to state. I would check with your local retailers and with the Pax website to ensure availability before ordering an Era Pro.

Photography: Pax

Pax cartridges, at least in Portland, are significantly more expensive than their threaded counterparts for “standard” vape pens. I pay the premium because I love the size, the best flavor, and the guarantee of quality that comes from using Pax approved producers, but your mileage may vary. I’ve noticed that some places in Oregon sell the same brands of oil in both types of pods, so you could potentially save money if you find one you like and upgrade to the ‘standard’ cartridges and to a cheaper vaporizer pen. Then again, the pen itself is the reason I love the Pax so much.

The vapor from the Era Pro is smooth, but it requires a smoother pull than other vaporizers I’ve used. This helps ensure a more even dose, and it usually means you get “more” from each, as long as you are still inhaling fully. In practice, I get fewer accidental coughing fits caused by huge clouds suddenly hitting my lungs. Again, you will get a few hundred puffs from each 0.5 gram cartridge.

The steam itself is also very discreet, as long as it is maintained long enough; even if my mom’s living room wasn’t full of delicious Christmas dinner smells, she probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Get up, get out

We won’t want to share spokespersons for a long time – long after we’re fully immunized. In a world where there’s even the slightest chance that my weed habit will kill your grandma, I’m just going to bring my own way of drinking.

If you, too, can’t wait to hang out with your friends as the craziness dies down in the next few months, I recommend the Pax Era Pro. It has become one of the few things I never leave home without.

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