Oatly is clearly setting his sights on the most skeptical of oat milk demographics: dads

How do you encourage middle-aged fathers, an oat milk demographic brand, according to Oatly, is very reluctant to give up dairy products, to ditch dairy?

You shame them with a series of comedic ads and build a website called helpdad.com to arm their kids with facts to “neutralize” any arguments dads might make against vegan foods. Maybe include some meatless “daddy’s recipes”.

That’s the goal of a new Oatly campaign, which aims to encourage men aged 44 to 75 (described by the brand as “the least interested in anything vegan”) to try the brand.

The TV, video, digital and print campaign, created in-house by the Swedish brand for the UK market, flips a whole range of familiar parent-child scenarios on their heads asking children to take control of their parents.

Screenshot of Oatly’s “help dad” site.

The brand created four hilarious short films as part of the campaign, produced by production house Smuggler and featuring dads’ ‘frightening levels of dairy consumption’

In the first offbeat spot, a father is caught late with a bottle of milk, only to be reprimanded by his young son who catches him red-handed.

As if he was a teenager sneaking around with a bottle of cheap booze to hide, the disappointed teenage son asks his shameful father, “What have we got here?” Cow’s milk. Really?

Next, a girl uses the subtle power of persuasion to convince her father to say “no thanks” to the milk in the tea he gave to her grandmother.

This involves silently piercing his eyes behind his head – an effective tactic that all children and parents are familiar with.

The next spot, titled “I hate my life” (a statement often made by teenagers at the slightest sign of “no”), shows a father asking his daughter to take him a bottle of milk at the store.

“Dad, we talked about this,” she says in the ad, echoing the trope of teens asking their parents to buy them juvenile products in stores. “I’m not buying it for you.”

“I hate my life,” he said in response.

The latest spot, titled “A Difficult Age,” shows two children – a girl and a boy – talking outside their home as if they were adults. The boy discusses that he continues to drink dairy products and cannot stop (as was forbidden, like alcohol) and the girl comforts him.

“How old is he now?” she asks. “52” answers the boy. “A difficult age,” she notes.

As part of the campaign, Oatly also partnered with UK newspaper The Guardian to produce three tailor-made supplements on climate change and sustainability, including a 24-page ‘Guide to Parenting Your Parents’.

All campaign elements direct consumers to the ‘Help Dad’ website and leverage growth vegan movement.

“Dads are the best, except when it comes to sustainable eating and drinking, in which case dads are the worst,” the site says.

Creative agency:
Oatly Department of Mind Control (in-house)
Creative Director: Michael Lee
Artistic Director: Björn Lindén
Editor: Daniel Vaccino
Project manager: Tinny Ohlsson
UK Marketing Manager: Helen Bromley
Production company: Smuggler
Director: Tom Speers
Producer: Jason Scanlon
Executive Producer: Fergus Brown
Editor: Ellie Johnson / Tenthree
Online: Electric Theater Collective
Producers: Sam Snapper and Oscar Wendt
Agency producers:
Sara Bäcklund and Alexander Blidner

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