Nintendo launches ornate Limited Edition Monster Hunter Switch

Nintendo released flashy special edition of Switch consoles before, but his latest could be especially appealing if you’re a fantasy fan. The gaming giant is release a limited edition Monster Hunter Rise Light up March 26 (more on availability later) whose design can best be described as … elaborate. Both the Joy-Cons and the Switch are adorned with patterns and symbols, while the dock features a golden image of the central monster, Magnamalo, in addition to even more symbols.

A corresponding Pro controller also includes Magnamalo.


Whether or not you care particularly about the artwork, it might be a worthwhile purchase if you were already inclined Monster Hunter Rise alongside the switch. The Limited Edition includes a download code for the game, the Deluxe Kit DLC, and bonus material like special armor for your Palico and Palamute.

Whether or not you can buy this console is another matter. Nintendo has committed to release the Monster hunter Switch in Europe, but hadn’t mentioned availability in North America as we were writing this. We asked the company about their plans. We wouldn’t be surprised if this model reaches other countries, but there is also a chance that you have to watch lovingly from afar.

Nintendo Limited Edition 'Monster Hunter Rise' Switch Back


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