Nikon’s full-frame Z9 with 8K video capability to arrive in 2021

Nikon has ad that it is developing the Z9, a flagship full-frame mirrorless Z-mount model with “the best photo and video performance in Nikon history.” The new model will be released in 2021 with 8K video and other advanced features.

Nikon said the Z9 will have a “newly developed FX-format stacked CMOS sensor,” likely in the 40-50 megapixel range. It will also feature a new image processing engine which will be necessary if it is to keep up with Sony and Canon in terms of shooting speeds and autofocus / eye-tracking performance. The image shows a built-in camera grip, much like the $ 6,500 D6, which means you won’t need to buy another one like with the last one EOS-R5 and the Sony A7S III.

Besides 8K video, Nikon said the Z9 will offer “other video specifications that meet various needs and workflows.” This probably means that you can expect internal 10-bit or even RAW video recording, as well as a wide range of 4K resolutions and frame rates.

The news is not a big surprise, as I mentioned the possibility of a new Nikon flagship with 8K video in my review of the company’s current top model, the Z7 II. Nikon has lagged behind Canon and Sony in terms of technology with its full frame cameras, so hopefully the Z9 at least puts it up to par. There’s no word on pricing yet, but Nikon has promised more information in the coming months.

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