Nielsen to revise video measurement by creating a unique, cross-media offering

Farewell, measurement of the total audience. Hello, Nielsen One.

As part of a major overhaul of its video measurement, Nielsen said today that it is preparing to deliver a new cross-media solution, called Nielsen One. The new video analytics tool will allow publishers and marketers to perform single-measure transactions on linear and digital platforms, including live TV, DVR, VOD, smart TV, mobile and computer. The offering will also show marketers total video consumption across all platforms and give them the flexibility to break down those numbers by individual platforms.

During its transition to Nielsen One, the measurement company will abandon its total audience measurement tool, which Nielsen first introduced five years ago.

Still, Nielsen One is at least two years away from being rolled out to market. Nielsen does not plan to launch the new measurement offering until Q4 2022. Beyond that date, Nielsen said the industry will not fully switch to the new measurements and will not process until fall 2024.

The new offering represents a “massive change” for the industry, which has been calling for measurement improvements for several years, said Scott Brown, general manager of audience measurement at Nielsen.

So far, the $ 70 billion in annual television advertising revenue “has been very closely aligned with the linear world, and all digital media buying and selling has operated in a completely separate fashion,” Brown said. “It’s a really game-changing moment in the industry, where we say we’re building this product, so in the future if a marketer really wants to shop on all platforms , the numbers will be there – with a validated audience – to do this. “

As consumers move between linear, streaming, and digital platforms, advertisers are demanding a single, deduplicated view of that audience across all platforms, and publishers want to offer more ad options and formats to consumers. buyers.

“Every network now has a digital-focused strategy,” Brown said, highlighting last week Discovery + announcement. “While there is a lot to be done, what we have heard in the market is that now is the time to move from full audience to Nielsen One, from just analytics to publishing. All of our clients are digitally driven, as is Nielsen. We are therefore doing everything we can to combine streaming and digital technology into our core business.

Nielsen, who calls its new offering “the holy grail of measurement,” is bringing its technology platform together under the change: uniting its platforms, panels and products under the name One.

Previously, the company’s various total audience products – including Total Ad Ratings, Digital Content Ratings, and Digital Ad Ratings – “were never really meant to be a true display product for the company. buying and selling, ”Brown said. But with Nielsen One, the company will be able to measure individual campaigns and ads on each platform.

Total audience measurement was “a fundamental part of the house,” said Brown, “and now we’re building on that to bring these different products together.”

Given the industry’s thirst for an expanded measure, there will likely be some grumbling that the new product won’t be ready for two years, and won’t be fully implemented until two years after that.

Brown said Nielsen is offering a two-year cushion from 2022 to 2024 “only to help the industry transition.” If the industry is ready to switch sooner, “we’ll be ready”.

However, “the entire industry infrastructure around how shelf is bought and sold will have to change,” Brown said. “Everyone will have to work to buy and sell in a completely different way.”

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