New presidency marks a new era for marketers

Being woken up by the dull, white noise of helicopters above your head seems like the new normal these days in DC On inauguration day, my mind wandered into many strangers, wondering if lockdown and a pandemic were not hiding in the Context. During what appeared to be a frozen moment in time, snow fell for a few minutes, then opened up to a beautiful lighted blue sky. The anguish, the many strangers calmed down for a minute.

I was unable to attend the ceremony. I did the best thing any millennial digital marketer could have done: hopped on my Beyonce Peloton turn, scrolled Twitter for live updates, and broadcast groundbreaking events on my iPad.

Growing up as the daughter of an immigrant mother from Central America and the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors influences my perspective on marketing – not to mention how I view leadership in this country. . This day really had an impact on how marketing leaders, after taking a deep breath, think about their strategies for moving forward.

Marketers should be looking to stay ahead in these key categories:


After an all-digital groundbreaking stream, marketers somehow need to find the time, resources, and ability to read, scroll and type as quickly as humanly possible. But crafting the right message and the right voice to express something authentic is another job. Creating a digital message means your words matter; they require you to have influence. How important is your message? How can you use more than just words? The inaugural program resonated through colorful mediums. He engaged our senses by incorporating traditional artists, an activist poet, traditional music, thoughtful speeches, prayers and songs. It represented so many people and was truly inspiring.


In the last few weeks of political unrest, messaging has taken on new complexities as marketers have to determine whether messaging on campaigns should continue or stop. Marketers will now reflect on the broader implications of corporate social responsibility messages, social advocacy, human rights and political programs. Brands have the opportunity to take a stand on matters which, perhaps previously, would have been considered to follow in the lineage of sensitive topics. What stands out is the number of participants who took a stand and were courageous. As a marketer, it taught me just how much brands have the ability and responsibility to affect their consumers.

The diversity

With Madam Vice-President Kamala harris, brands have a whole new consumer market to think about – knowing that little boys and girls around the world see a face that is now recognizable and identifiable. Implementing diversity and inclusion in your workplace is not just a checkbox, but needs to be a thoughtful agenda that truly embraces our new leadership and our new audience.

We can only hope that this is the foreword to what is to come. The glass ceiling was shattered – in fact, it was shattered. So with that, I’m going to rock the Converse and the pearls after a day that will go down in history.

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