Netflix kicks off awards season with 42 Golden Globe nominations

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has taken the lead when it comes to nominations for the 78th Golden Globe Awards, fair like last year. The streaming service has racked up 22 film and 20 television nominations, led by popular titles like Mank, The Chicago 7 trial and The crown. Those numbers are also well ahead of the two spots in these categories: Amazon Studios earned 7 respectable movie nominations, while HBO, once the world’s premier glossy TV network, earned 7 TV nominations.

While you can attribute Netflix’s success to our pandemic life over the past year, when many people were stuck at home with streaming content as their only respite from an increasingly difficult world, it does fit. also to what we have seen in recent years. Netflix, and streaming services in general, has increasingly cut back on traditional studios. This is especially true when it comes to television: this year, Hulu also took third place with 6 nominations.

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