NBC Sports Group Helps Tokyo Olympics Marketers Create More Effective Ads

With the Tokyo Olympics rescheduled in six months, NBC Sports Group is gearing up to beat last year’s record-breaking ad revenue windfall ahead of the Games. Report related to Covid.

The company is currently working with marketers to create more effective advertising for the Summer Games. He creates an Olympics ad engine that uses spots and data from past Games to make suggestions on how their new spots can be tweaked to achieve five different marketing goals: brand awareness (attention index), ad breakthrough (ad, brand awareness and message awareness), brand perception (liking), brand engagement (tweets based on the broadcast of the TV ad) and search impact (volume of search engagement).

“2021 will offer brands a unique opportunity for exponential growth,” Mark Marshall, president of ad sales and partnerships for NBCUniversal, told reporters.

Marshall pointed to a study showing that consumer spending is expected to increase by 5% in 2021. Given expectations of an economic rebound once Covid-19 vaccinations reach large scale, most of that expected growth for the second half of the year. “All of this will translate into the ability to materially change the trajectory of a company or a brand that advertises in these games.”

“ Marketing managers need tools to make really tough decisions ”

However, “we think marketing managers need the tools to make really tough decisions,” said Dan Lovinger, senior vice president of advertising sales at NBC Sports Group. For major events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics, “the biggest hurdle for marketing managers is often the creative hurdle, due to the opportunity to ridicule.

The NBCUniversal Insights and Measurement team therefore looked at 671 ads from the last two Olympics (PyeongChang in 2018 and Rio in 2016), tagging 897 ad elements and creating 540 models. The company worked with Hive, iSpot.tv, Phoenix, and EDO to create the Olympics ad engine, which combines human retention and machine learning.

There are several elements that have the most impact on each marketing objective, depending on the driver, such as the comedic tone. The presence of a celebrity helps raise awareness, while the animal presence and sensibility of the working class spur the advertising breakthrough. Patriotic agitations and the presence of food reinforce the perception of the brand. Innovation and an uplifting message drive brand engagement. Finally, an ad duration greater than 30 seconds, associated with a spectacular aura, improves the impact of research.

Olympic marketers can put scripts, storyboards or the rough cut of a current spot through the Olympics Ad Engine. From there, the tool calculates the most likely outcomes for how it will resonate with viewers.

NBCUniversal originally planned to bring the offering to market last year, ahead of the originally planned 2020 games. The coronavirus-related postponement “allowed us to further improve the model,” Lovinger said.

According to Lovinger, five brands are already interested in Olympic Games ad engines based on early conversations. He expects many more to sign.

Evolution from the super-sized ad template

This is the second iteration of this offering for advertisers. Prior to the broadcast of NBC’s Super Bowl LII in 2018, NBCUniversal’s Business Intelligence and Management Science team and NBC Sports Group’s Ad Sales Analytics and Metrics team created the Super Ad template. -sized.

The model looked at five key goals for potential Super Bowl advertisers: creative appeal, creative engagement, social buzz, Google search, and ad reduction.

By sharing the results of over 100 meetings with marketers, “we were able to speak to advertisers in a way that no one has ever told them about the Super Bowl,” Lovinger said. told Adweek in 2018. “And that got us 10 or 12 places sooner than we normally would have seen that interest.”

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