Microsoft Profits Increase 33% Thanks to Cloud, PCs and Xbox

Another quarter, another Microsoft booming earnings report. But what’s notable for Q2 2021 is that it’s not just the cloud that’s driving the business forward this time around. The company reported revenues of $ 43.1 billion, up 17% from last year. That’s $ 2.9 billion more than analysts expected. Even more impressively, its profit jumped 33% to $ 15.5 billion. During the last quarter, we were surprised that Microsoft managed to increase its profits by 30%.

While Microsoft’s cloud business shows no signs of slowing down, with revenue increasing 23% from last year, it is also experiencing strong growth in the PC market in general. His more personal computing business, which includes Windows, Surface and Xbox, grew 14% from last year to $ 15.1 billion. Analysts expected this segment to bring in $ 13.55 billion. Unsurprisingly, the company also saw a 40% increase in Xbox content and services, as well as an 86% increase in Xbox hardware sales, both thanks to the release of its next-gen consoles.

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