Lenovo’s new gaming laptops have 16:10 screens for non-gaming moments


You can also expect more aggressive cooling (including liquid metal for the Legion 7 Slim), and the Legion 5 Pro finally has its webcam on top, unlike its 5P predecessor – important when it could double your work PC. home.

You will have to wait a while to purchase one of these laptops. The Legion 5 and 5 Pro models arrive first, shipping in March starting at $ 770 and $ 1,000, respectively. The Legion Slim 7 debuts in May at a currently unknown price tag, while the $ 1,670 Legion 7 and the base $ 670 IdeaPad Gaming 3 appear in June.

There will be a feast for your ears in the meantime. Lenovo is showcasing a Legion H600 wireless gaming headset (below) that promises relatively low latency of 35ms and can even charge wirelessly if you hook them up to the Legion S600 gaming dock, which also includes a Qi charger for your phone. A simpler H200 headset is intended for entry-level gaming.

The H600, H200, and S600 all ship in April for $ 100, $ 50, and $ 90 respectively.

Lenovo Legion H600 Headset and S600 Gaming Station


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