Jim Ryan: There will be ‘a whole new VR format for PS5’

So, just to be clear, there’s no date on it? Are you doing your best and will it happen when it does?

We are doing our best. I was just looking at the supply figures for the UK – we put a considerable amount of product on the UK market last week. And that will continue in the weeks and months to come.

Fair enough. We imagine you have a roadmap for 2021 for the games you want to release. How resolved is this given the disruption Covid-19 has caused to development? Return was recently postponed for a month.

Yeah, we feel pretty good Return, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Western forbidden horizon. And, you know, there are two approaches to that: you can either stick to the date and release the game regardless of the quality, or you can ship it when it’s good. We have always taken the latter approach. There have been some fairly publicized instances of editors trying the first approach.

That’s one way of saying it …

This never works in the best of circumstances. But I think in this world, where creatives work remotely, you just have to respect the fact that this development has to take what it takes and make the right games.

So a game that you haven’t mentioned here that was dated 2021 is Gran Turismo 7. What’s up with that one?

At this point, a Sony PR representative jumped on the call by promising a statement on GT7 – likely in the hope that we would ask questions about some of the many new announcements. You can read this statement below …

“GT7 has been impacted by production challenges related to Covid and will therefore increase from 2021 to 2022. With the ongoing pandemic, it is a dynamic and changing situation and some critical aspects of game production have been slowed down in recent months . We will share more details on GT7the release date of, when available. “

All right, PlayStation VR 2. The second PlayStation VR. What do we call it right now?

We don’t call it anything yet.

The obvious question, then, is what has changed since the first helmet?

So it will be a whole new VR format for PS5. PlayStation saw VR as a strategic opportunity and a great story of innovation. We think there are two themes you’re going to see: us capturing the technological advancements that have taken place since the current VR system was brought to market and a tremendous amount of lessons learned. Because the current system was the first. [Changes will be] things like switching to a very easy single cord setup with this one and many other similar learnings. Development kits are about to be released.

Virtual reality is gaining a lot more popularity now, but it is still an emerging market. Why follow up on the first headset?

We believe in virtual reality and have been extremely happy with the results of the current PlayStation VR and believe we will do a good deal with our new VR system for PlayStation 5. More importantly, we see it as something beyond this next iteration that could really be really big and really important. We like to innovate; we believe our community loves us to innovate. I would turn the question around and say, “Why not?” For us, this is a very logical step to take. We’re very excited about it and we think the people who are going to create VR games for our new VR system will be very excited as well.

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