JBL’s latest soundbar offers Dolby Atmos for $ 400

It certainly doesn’t hurt that JBL gave this thing a plethora of connectivity options as well. Once installed, the soundbar will play well with audio streamed through Apple Airplay 2, Google Cast, and Bluetooth, and can be part of a multi-room speaker group when playing music through Alexa from Amazon.

Having not heard the Bar 5.0 in action, we cannot yet judge how well JBL has delivered on its promises of immersive audio – this is, after all, a $ 400 kit. Consider us cautiously optimistic for now, but it should be noted that other companies have attempted to produce similarly. spacious sound thanks to all-in-one sound bars, to varying degrees of success. Still, there is something to be said for JBL’s zeal for simplicity here – the Bar 5.0 might just be a great choice for people looking to experience their media through more than just their TV speakers while on the go. its launch in spring 2021.

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