‘Hitman 3’ players encounter server issues on launch day

IO Interactive is out Hitman 3 yesterday, and while it was supposed to be a triumphant close to a story arc that started with the 2016 Hitman game, players were triggered by server issues. In order to continue progressing from the first two games, players could transfer data (within the same family of platforms) by synchronizing progress Hitman 2 via the IOI Profile Website, as detailed in the pre-launch guide. There is a separate process for access levels from previous games it’s a bit too complicated to cover here /

However, the progress report site has been slow or unavailable (at the time of writing this appears to be unresponsive) because every day a buyer has tried to use it at the same time. Worse yet, if players fail to transfer their data, they have no choice but to wait, as the process will erase any progress made in Hitman 3 before making the transfer.

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