Hinge unveils overhaul that aims to streamline the online dating process

Online dating was pretty tricky for singles before the pandemic. And since March, dating apps have experimented with a variety of methods, ranging from video chat features at virtual experiences at profile add-ons—To help members find romantic relationships during an isolated and depressing year.

Hinge’s latest effort to help streamline the dating journey for members involves a redesign and features to avoid those who won’t be compatible, and the often awkward little conversations that accompany initial conversations.

Today the Match groupThe globally owned service has released the updated app design and features, titled Standouts and Roses. Hinge CMO Nathan Roth said the new features build on the brand Mantra “Designed to be suppressed”, introduced in 2019 to push users to find love and delete the app.

“With the launch of Standouts and Roses, we want you to quickly focus on who you’ll connect with best and strike up a conversation leading to a date,” Roth said. “We also want to be a digital brand that feels analog, and this refreshed design reflects the real world where dates actually happen.”

Standouts and Roses is an extension of Hinge’s prompt feature, introduced in 2016 to help members complete their profiles by answering questions that reveal more about their personality.

For Standouts, members will see a new feed that prioritizes showing prompts from those most of their type, with a focus on topics that are likely to spark a more engaging conversation. The feed refreshes daily to show new organized prompts for members based on their previous likes and comments they’ve sent to potential matches.

To show interest in someone in Standouts, members can now send a Rose in the hopes of getting their attention faster. Roses will complement the existing ‘Like’ feature and, according to Roth, testing has found they are twice as likely to lead to an in-person or virtual date. While the brand will be giving away a free rose to every member on Sunday, it will also invite members to purchase more in the app.

Roth said that Standouts will showcase user personalities more and remind members that thoughtful profiles will gain more popularity.Hinge

The new visuals complement the app refresh, anchored by hand-drawn illustrations of people, dogs and plants, with a warm purple, green and red color scheme appearing in the drawings, as well as speech bubbles. conversation and text.

“Our new design puts Hinge in the context of the singles dating journey,” said Roth. “He uses colors found in nature to reduce distractions and focus on developing a face-to-face connection. Additionally, our new illustrations have a more human feel by showcasing hand-drawn people with imperfect strokes, representing the real people who make up our community.

Roth said Hinge would measure the performance of these updates based on the number of dates members put into the app. A few days after members logged in, Hinge regularly follows them as part of their We Met in-app survey to ask them if they went on a date and if their partner was someone they would like to see again.

“This behavioral data allows us to introduce you to the best people for you and highlight their quick response,” Roth said.

Since the pandemic, Hinge has doubled down on member behavior analysis to improve user experience. In May, the brand launched Hinge Labs, a current research program who uses machine learning to uncover app behaviors that lead to successful relationships and conduct experiments to determine which app features have the most positive impact.

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