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We may be settling scores or we may be opening doors. It depends on us.

Grievance and possibility have confusing roots.

Grievance is not a matter of mourning. In fact, it is the opposite. Grievance is the story of revenge.

Possibility does not detail everything that is possible. Instead, it focuses on the side effects that come with acting like things are possible.

The grievance looks back and the possibility turns to the future.

Organizations and relationships that focus on grievances care a lot about them. About the competition. About to maintain “enough”.

Organizations that focus on opportunity care a lot about the size of the pie. About innovation. And what about the sequel.

You can build a relationship or a career on a grievance or on the possibility.

And you can run a judicial / penal system this way as well.

Possibility breeds more possibility. The opportunities are multiplying.

And, alas, grievance leads to more grievance. Because it’s the fuel that drives the story forward.

Organizations / partnerships / systems that are usefully focused on possibility do not deny that there are grounds for grievance, that there have been actions and omissions that need to be addressed. In fact, they adopt a forward movement posture as the best way to approach the issues that came before them.

One of the challenges is to take an effective and generative approach to the possibility when we are sure we are entitled to a grievance.

Towards better.

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